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At the start of its developer conference WWDC, Apple presented a number of new operating systems that owners of iPhones, iPads or Mac computers can load onto their devices by autumn at the latest. The new functions of the software allow the technology to grow even closer together – and even users of Android and Windows devices are moving closer to the Apple world.

With the new iPhone operating system iOS 15, which Apple manager Craig Federighi (52) presented in a video on Monday evening due to corona, the US group is significantly expanding the functions of its video calling app Facetime. A step that was obvious after the experience of the corona pandemic.

Facetime calls will run in the browser on Windows computers and Android phones

Photo: Apple

In group calls, Facetime will now be able to arrange all call participants on the screen at the same time, it will block out disturbing background noises and get a portrait mode like when taking photos, which automatically softens the background.

Teaser picture

Apple manager Craig Federighi presented the software innovations of the US group

Photo: Apple

So far, however, Facetime calls have only been possible between owners of Apple devices – which will change with the now announced iOS 15. Then it will be possible to send invitations to Facetime discussions with a link. And anyone who opens this link on an Android or Windows device will in future also be able to take part in the video call.

The Facetime call then opens in the Internet browser on the smartphone, tablet or computer. According to Apple, the connection will be end-to-end encrypted.

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Apple’s own devices are also moving closer together thanks to new functions in the operating systems that have now been announced. With the so-called SharePlay you will be able to listen to music or watch a film at the same time in Facetime conversations – on the iPhone with iOS 15, on the iPad with iPadOS 15 and on the Mac with MacOS 12 Monterey.

There will also be a completely revised version of the Safari browser with a redesigned interface and a new group summary of tabs on the Mac as well as the iPad and the iPhone.

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Universal Control should automatically connect the iPad to Macs when they are placed side by side …

Foto: Apple Inc. Apple

What was particularly impressive, however, was the close cooperation between iPad and Mac, which Craig Federighi showed during his software presentation. Without first having to create a connection between the devices, Federighi controlled a Mac and an iPad, which were standing next to each other, with a keyboard and mouse.

Teaser picture

… so that you can move the mouse pointer of the Mac over the edge of the device onto the iPad

Photo: Apple

He not only moved the mouse pointer from the Mac to the iPad screen and back again, but was also able to move content from one device to another using drag & drop. In his demonstration, Federighi snapped a photo on the iPad, dragged it across the screen of a Macbook to an iMac, and threw it right there on the timeline of a video editing project.

How well these new functions work in practice will be shown in the fall, when Apple will publish the finished versions of the operating systems that have now been announced.



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