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What do smartphone owners actually do with their device when it is discarded?

Apple presented the new iPhone generation 13 on Tuesday evening. And quite a few owners of an Apple cell phone should now want to purchase a new model.

A current study by the US company Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) found that around one in three (around 30 percent) trades in their old iPhone with Apple and receives the new device at a lower price. According to the CIRP, around one in ten owners of Android smartphones uses such a trade-in.

How much Apple a used iPhone is still worth can be checked in the manufacturer’s online shop. Depending on the model (from iPhone 6S) and condition, it can be several hundred or just a few euros. Especially old devices are only suitable for recycling.

High resale prices

Amazing: Less than ten percent of iPhone or Android cell phone users resell their used model. This means that comparatively high resale prices can still be achieved, especially for used Apple devices.

On September 9th, the online classifieds market eBay classifieds determined the average asking prices for various iPhone models. The results are shown in the table below.

model Memory size Average price
iPhone 8 64 Gigabyte 220 Euro
iPhone 8 256 Gigabyte 250 Euro
iPhone 8 Plus 64 Gigabyte 260 Euro
iPhone 8 Plus 256 Gigabyte 320 Euro
iPhone X 64 Gigabyte 300 Euro
iPhone X 256 Gigabyte 375 Euro
iPhone XS 64 Gigabyte 320 Euro
iPhone XS 256 Gigabyte 420 Euro
iPhone XS Max 64 Gigabyte 400 Euro
iPhone XS Max 256 Gigabyte 450 Euro
iPhone 11 64 Gigabyte 470 Euro
iPhone 11 128 Gigabyte 525 Euro
iPhone 11 256 Gigabyte 700 Euro
iPhone 11 Pro 64 Gigabyte 600 Euro
iPhone 11 Pro 256 Gigabyte 700 Euro
iPhone 12 Mini 64 Gigabyte 600 Euro
iPhone 12 Mini 128 Gigabyte 650 Euro
iPhone 12 Mini 256 Gigabyte 730 Euro
iPhone 12 64 Gigabyte 620 Euro
iPhone 12 128 Gigabyte 850 Euro
iPhone 12 256 Gigabyte 890 Euro
iPhone 12 Pro 128 Gigabyte 850 Euro
iPhone 12 Pro 256 Gigabyte 1000 Euro
iPhone 12 Pro 512 Gigabyte 1140 Euro
iPhone 12 Pro Max 128 Gigabyte 975 Euro
iPhone 12 Pro Max 256 Gigabyte 1030 Euro
iPhone 12 Pro Max 512 Gigabyte 1180 Euro

Important: Anyone who resells a used iPhone or trades it in should first create a backup. Then you have to log off your own Apple ID on the device (under “Settings” → own username → “Log off”) and delete all data (“Settings” → “General” → “Reset” → “Delete all content & settings”) .



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