Apple unveils $3,500 headphones

Apple unveils $3,500 headphones

2023-06-06 11:39:00

APPLE KEYNOTE. Apple’s latest conference allowed the firm to unveil a brand new product that is already causing a lot of talk: the Vision Pro mixed reality headset, available from $3,499.

Apple was expected at the turn for its first Keynote of the year 2023. The Cupertino company multiplied the announcements during more than two hours of conference in order to unveil several new features. If the features to come on iOS 17, iPadOS 17, WatchOS 10 and MacOS remain very interesting, it is a brand new product that has caught the attention of fans of the brand: the Vision Pro mixed reality headset. Find all the announcements of the latest Apple Keynote 2023 in this article.

Relive the Apple Keynote in video replay

What announcements were made during Apple Keynote 2023?

The Apple Keynote held on the sidelines of the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) unveiled many new features for Apple products. The firm has multiplied announcements around its various operating systems while unveiling new products, some of which are very surprising.

iOS 17 was very quickly mentioned by Apple during its Keynote. This new version coming to your iPhone will allow you to significantly improve essential applications such as “Telephone”, “Messages” or “Facetime”. In particular, you will be able to follow a live transcription of the conversation of your interlocutor at phone or even have large photo displays for your contacts during calls.

iOS 17 will allow you to take more advantage of your contacts’ photos, create stickers and consult your answering machine without picking up. © Apple

The future version of iOS 17 will also allow you to create your own GIFs from your photos and videos. These can represent a single subject of your file and be used in response to messages from your loved ones.

Facetime will also improve your answering machine by allowing your contacts to leave a video message instead of just an audio one. What to benefit more from your interlocutors if the latter wanted to show you something during their call.

Apple has unveiled several new upcoming devices including a 15-inch MacBook Air M2. The latter is already available for pre-order for an estimated release on Tuesday, June 13. Its starting price is set from 1599 euros, which allows previous MacBook Airs to see their prices drop.

The 15-inch MacBook Air M2 also comes with a new Mac Studio (small tower in square format) to take advantage of the Apple environment at home if you already have a screen, mouse and keyboard. This new Mac Studio is available from 2399 euros with us.

The new Mac Studio and Mac Pro promise to deliver big performance for professionals. © Apple

For major image and sound professionals, Apple has also unveiled the arrival of a new Mac Pro. This large metallic computer tower is the most powerful Apple in terms of fixed computers and is displayed from 8299 euros.

The real announcement of the evening was the Vision Pro. A mixed reality headset that allows you to take advantage of many applications integrated into your environment. Enjoy your movies on Disney+ or join a conference on Webex while staying in your living room with the Vision Pro reality headset. The latter has many technologies and equipment to take full advantage of mixed reality wherever you are.

The Vision Pro helmet will be available from the beginning of 2024, but only in the United States. Apple said, however, that other countries will be able to purchase the headset later this year, as well as try it out at various Apple stores. The Vision Pro headset will be available starting at $3499.

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