Apple Vice President: “We are very, very pleased with the dynamics in Russia”

Jennifer Bailey told Vedomosti about plans for the development of Apple Pay in Russia

Apple Vice President Jennifer Bailey /Justin Sullivan / Getty Images via AFP

Apple has opened access to Apple Pay for Mir cardholders. Apple Vice President Jennifer Bailey told Vedomosti how popular this contactless payment service is in Russia, what other national payment systems support Apple Pay and what is needed for Mir to enter the American market.

– Why did you decide to open access to “World” to Apple Pay?

– We support local payment systems to make Apple Pay available to as many users and issuing banks as possible. As you know, there are already more than two hundred banks in Russia that work with Apple Pay, and the addition of the National Payment Card System (NSPK) and Mir cards is another step that expands the capabilities of iPhone users. Apple Pay supports a number of other local national payment systems – for example, Interac debit systems in Canada, EFTPOS in Australia, Union Pay in China, GiroCard in Germany. This requires close collaboration on many issues, and I know that our local partners have done a lot of technical work to make Apple Pay usable in stores and for online payments.

– Did the Central Bank and NSPK set you any special conditions for the provision of services in Russia? Are your conditions for Mir card issuers different from those for Visa and MasterCard?

– I am not aware of any special conditions or requirements from the Central Bank. We have worked in a number of countries to support local payment schemes, technically and from a business point of view. And our approach in Russia and our partnership with NSPK are very similar to relations with other local payment systems, to all other formats that we support on a global scale.

– Apple Pay was launched in Russia in 2016. Can you estimate the results of operations for less than five years?

– We are very pleased with how quickly Apple Pay is developing in Russia. With the pandemic, it has become an even more popular payment method because contactless payments are safer at such times. We do not publish specific numbers, but I want to say that we are very, very pleased with the dynamics and growth of Apple Pay in Russia. Russia is one of the most successful countries [в нашей системе]… The activity of Russian buyers using Apple Pay is very high, we are pleased with the Russian indicators.

– It is known that issuing banks deduct a percentage of the transaction amount from Apple Pay transactions. Will a commission be charged for transactions with Mir cards?

“We are using a similar business model that we use with payment systems and banks around the world. In Russia, we also apply our standard business model.

– Will I be able to pay with Apple Pay in countries where Mir cards are not accepted, for example, in the USA?

– My answer is more likely no than yes. I am aware that World Maps are available in some other countries, but not in the United States. This part of the work is on the side of the NSPK, which implies the development of appropriate technology for terminals or for purchases in online stores for various countries. NSPK provides a technology that allows terminals to accept payments from Mir cards using Apple Pay. If NSPK decides to expand its geography to the United States, it will require work with suppliers of payment terminals.

– Do you plan to launch Apple Card and Apple Cash money transfer systems into the Russian market?

– We receive many requests from all over the world to expand the geography of Apple Card and Apple Cash to other countries, but so far we have not announced such plans.



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