“Apple Watch Series 8″… Is it time for an update?

“Apple Watch Series 8″… Is it time for an update?

Designed with new functions despite the similarity with previous versions

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Is it time to buy the latest Apple smart watch? The Apple smartwatch maintains its position as the best wearable device in the market because it is elegant and easy to use, and allows its owner to stay informed of the latest developments in health and fitness.
The Apple Watch Series 8, which has been available on the market since September 16, with a starting price of $ 399, continues the path of the technology giant that insists on producing remarkable, luxurious and highly effective smart watches.
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We tested Series 8 for a few days and can say that buying the latest version really depends on what the consumer wants from this product.
This year’s release saw the addition of a notable feature, a wrist thermometer sensor, which Apple claims is useful for users who monitor their menstrual cycle. To begin with, Series 8 measures wrist temperature for five nights to determine your normal temperature, and then begins to monitor any changes in body temperature each night.
The sensor can also help make ovulation estimates for family planning goals or to monitor your menstrual cycle more accurately. After gathering enough information about the user’s body, the watch can send estimates as soon as it detects changes in the cycle.
In short, the new body temperature sensor provides the user with an additional health indicator that helps them stay on top of their latest physical changes.
Moreover, following concerns about data privacy raised after a recent US Supreme Court ruling in a case, Apple has reassured that menstrual tracking data remains confidential and encrypted inside the device.
The watch also includes a Crash Detection algorithm that supports features such as a speed sensor and direction finder to detect the wearer’s exposure to any serious accident. When a fall is detected, the watch reviews the user’s condition and then contacts the emergency services in the event that he does not respond. In this case, emergency responders and contacts receive the wearer’s location immediately.
The Apple Watch Series 8 is a really cool watch, especially since it has an always-on display like the previous two versions, and it changes according to your interaction with the watch on your wrist, which means that the screen will be dimly lit and even off when your wrist is low. The product also includes sensors to measure blood oxygen and heart rate, and electrocardiograms are performed to measure its activity directly from the wrist.
The Series 8 is comfortable to wear and offers its user the new sleep stages feature that enhances its effectiveness and gains during the night. As with previous versions, the watch is a great partner for fitness during exercise. And last but not least, Series 8 promises great battery service that covers all day’s activities without the need for charging.
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Is Apple Watch Series 8 worth updating? This decision depends on what you really need from the smartwatch.
Our tests have shown that Series 8 is very similar to last year’s release. So, if you own a Series 6 or a Series 7, you can overlook the idea of ​​an update this year.
You should also keep in mind that the “Watch OS 9” program covers Apple smartwatches starting with the “Series 4” version, which means that you will get many additional great features such as enhanced exercise and sleep monitoring.
If you are buying a smart watch for the first time, we recommend the Apple Watch SE version. Which gives you 80 percent of the features and features of the latest Apple versions, but without the blood oxygen sensor, temperature monitor, and always-on display, as well as being less expensive, starting at $249.
So, who are the customers the Apple Watch is designed for? Maybe you want the peace of mind that fall detection gives you, maybe you want to take advantage of a temperature sensor for family planning, or maybe you have an older watch and simply want to upgrade.
In these cases, rest assured that you won’t find a better smartwatch than the Apple Watch Series 8.
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