Apple’s glasses that could replace iPhones – Goodbye smartphone? In 2022 a new technology could put an end, or at least start the countdown, to the most widespread electronic device in the world.

After launching the iPhone in 2007, not the first smartphone on the market but the one that pointed to a new concept of mobile phone use, Apple is testing a wearable system like a pair of glasses that should replace the traditional mobile phone.

According to The Information and Bloomberg, the new Ar glasses, designed on the model of those to create a virtual reality, should go on the market early next year, in limited editions. and cost about three thousand dollars.

Equipped with a dozen micro cameras capable of tracking the movement of the eyes and hands, the glasses would return ultra-resolution images to increase image quality.

Pending official confirmation and the market response, the path, say the specialized magazines, has been traced for some time: in the not too distant future we will have all the data, contacts and web in front of our eyes, without having to use your hands to type numbers or write messages. ( Eyewear capable of doing everything is a goal pursued by all hi-tech companies.

Google had launched its computer glasses, the Google Glass, costing $ 1500, but they weren’t very successful. Microsoft had introduced its own, the Hololens, in 2015.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has long confessed his big dream: glasses capable of doing everything and reading reality in real time. The social platform is working on the ‘Project Aria’ capable of recording video, audio and accessing data related to the place where you are.



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