applications that are not at the same level of advancement

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applications that are not at the same level of advancement
Progress is needed for the candidate countries. 43574830/jorisvo –

DECRYPTION – All candidate countries for membership of the European Union are committed to integrating the community acquis.


• L’Ukraine

Linked to the European Union by an association agreement including a deep free trade area, Ukraine undertook in 2014 to move closer to the acquis communautaire. The country aligns with 70% of this set of laws governing the Union. Economically, Ukraine “maintained its excellent macroeconomic performance, showing remarkable resilience”, assures the European Commission. Ukraine is generally well advanced in reforms guaranteeing democracy. His ability to run the government, parliament and administrations has been praised since the beginning of the war.

However, progress is needed in seven areas such as the independence of the judiciary (in particular the selection of judges for the Constitutional Court), the fight against corruption and money laundering, and the limitation of the influence of the oligarchs in economic and political life. Security Environment Law Enforcement is…

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