Appointments, because Draghi listens to Di Maio taking it all and not Conte. The names

The scenario outlined by (click here to read the article): Prime Minister Giuseppe Draghi does almost everything by himself and shares the main choices only with three political ministers, Dario Franceschini for the Democratic Party, Luigi Di Maio for the 5 Star Movement and Giancarlo Giorgetti for the League.

The arrival of Luigi Ferraris as the new CEO of the State Railways, anticipated by, is the proof. As well as joining the board of directors of Stefano Cuzzilla, born in Rome in 1965, and president of Federmanager, who, not long ago, had been accredited by the foreign minister with his participation in an event in the capital organized by Federmanager himself. The most attentive observers had not escaped this detail, today the entry into the board of directors of FS. As regards Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, the outgoing Fabrizio Palermo (at M5S altitude) – according to the results of – could soon play a key role in another public company whose top management is due to expire soon. We speak, obviously nothing official, of Invitalia instead of Domenico Arcuri.

Not only. In the CDP there could also be the reconfirmation of a councilor who was indicated some time ago by the head of the Farnesina. Politically, according to qualified sources, the premier prefers Di Maio to Giuseppe Conte, leader in pectore of the M5S, as an interlocutor on delicate issues such as appointments, first of all precisely because the former prime minister is still a leader in pectore that is, in fact, he does not officially have any role in the Movement, while the holder of the Farnesina – they reason at Palazzo Chigi – also given his past role as political leader enjoys the esteem and loyalty of the majority (at least two thirds) of the five-star parliamentary groups. And anyway Di Maio has also always been able to keep excellent relations with Conte and therefore for dragons (and not only for him) there is no opposition.

Then there is another consideration. The head of government, as we have seen with the dismissal of the prefect Gennaro Vecchione from the top of the Dis, prefers to impress a certain discontinuity with respect to his predecessor and, therefore, majority sources reason, it is evident that the interlocutor M5S at least in this phase both Di Maio and not Conte. As for the Democratic Party, Franceschini represents the main soul of the party of Enrico Letta, Unlike Andrea Orlando (free hitter in the Nazarene galaxy) ea Lorenzo Guerini, exponent of the former Renent minority of the Riformista Base. Finally the League. For Prime Minister Matteo Salvini he is not very reliable, given his continuous public outings, while Giorgetti – who has just closed the first agreement with Brussels on Alitalia – represents that governing League (and certainly not of struggle) also heard at the Quirinale.


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