Apps for the car essential when traveling

Apps for the car essential when traveling

2023-07-11 21:00:02

Technology is already an ally in our day to day, and the mobile phone and the applications that can be downloaded to it, allies when traveling by car this summer. For example, GPS is already an increasingly perfected classic. There are a large number of applications with which we can find out the shortest way to reach our destination, avoid tolls and closed streets, be warned about accidents or find out the location of the nearest gas station. In this sense, we find more and more features in these apps. Waze is one of the most requested by users.

Although a travel organizer should not be missing either. Choice of destinations, places of tourist interest or locations already visited will be marked in the app to facilitate the task for drivers. Applications like Roadtrippers give us everything done if we are not lovers of preparing routes. And being informed of the news on the road will always make our trips easier. For this, we have applications such as that of the DGT, which offers us the possibility of accessing tools such as breaking news on traffic, accidents or works, as well as information on black spots, among others.

Music cannot be missing in any car. However, we have gone from traditional cassette tapes to CDs and, from there, to being able to have all the music we want thanks to our mobile. There are cars that already incorporate applications such as Spotify, but, for those who do not have this luck, there are also devices that can be incorporate into the vehicle to link our smartphone.

When we are traveling, if taking the wrong exit on the highway is a problem, running out of gas seems like a nightmare. To avoid situations like this, there are apps that allow us to locate the nearest gas stations, identify the cheapest ones and establish the fastest route to them. Gasolineras de España is one of those apps. Just like finding parking can be one of the biggest headaches for drivers. However, thanks to the Parclick application we can reserve a place in advance, also knowing the price in advance and being able to change the reservation if necessary.

Also, once parked, one of the most recurring problems that drivers experience when parking arises when returning to get their car. According to a survey carried out by Parclick, 54% of drivers claim to have forgotten where they had parked more than once. Findmycar is one of the applications that allows us to solve this problem by saving the location where we have parked.

Just as the economy is an aspect of our lives that concerns us all and keeping track of the spending we make while driving should be a habit for every driver. My car is one of those applications that allows us to keep track of all the money we spend on our car.

Likewise, if there is something that makes a car intelligent, it is the ability to ‘take care of itself’. Now we have applications that allow us to control the state of the vehicle and anticipate any problem. FIXD OBD2 is an application that is combined with an OBD-II adapter connected to the vehicle’s diagnostic port. It provides information on the state of the engine, reading and erasing error codes, scheduled maintenance and reminders, among others.

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