Apps to get the best screen design for iPhone 2022

Among the distinguished applications for iPhone phones, applications that help organize and renew the appearance of the external screen of the phone, and allow you to modify its appearance.

A distinguished group of these applications are available on the Apple App Store this year, the most prominent of which are listed below.


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Widgetsmith is one of the most successful applications that customize a home screen image with a distinctive design on the Apple Store.

The application has hundreds of thousands of positive reviews, and users are given all the ability to design and modify the interface of the screen.

Color Widgets

One of the most successful and most popular applications on the Apple Store to modify the user’s screen is the Color Widgets application, which has more than 30 million users.

The design provides many different colors that can be added to application icons on the phone’s home screen.


The Brass application is also among the successful applications in its category, to be used as the first application to modify the home screen of iPhone phones in many countries.

This application provides designs for different seasons of the weather throughout the year, in addition to festive seasons such as Christmas.


ScreenKit is an application that transforms your phone into a design similar to the design of your favorite sports team’s shirt in a number of sports.

In addition to the availability of designs inspired by famous films and fictional characters such as Harry Potter.


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