Arbidas Novikovas is on the verge of signing with Hapoel Haifa

Arbidas Novikovas is on the verge of signing with Hapoel Haifa

Doron Ben Dor

Hapoel Haifa players celebrate (Omari Stein)

Hapoel Haifa players celebrate (Omari Stein)

In Hapoel Haifa yesterday (Saturday) they could be satisfied. The red team from Carmel showed good ability in the second half and recorded a dramatic 0:1 victory over Kiryat Shemona city with a goal by defender Guy Mizrahi in the 92nd minute.

The team claims that the performances at the end, when Roni Levy was cheered by the fans who called his name and cheered the players, prove that something good is happening and that the goal can still be achieved – a place in the top playoffs. To that end, the club hopes in the next 48 hours to close the signing of Arbidas Novikovas, the winger of the Lithuanian national team, whose candidacy was first published in ONE.

The one who received compliments is the captain Hanan Meman who played 90 minutes, worked and fought on the field and with a little more sharpness he could have scored a goal. The one who, of course, also received compliments was Guy Mizrahi who scored the decisive goal. Until two weeks ago, the defender asked to be released and was not given the green light due to the injuries of Dor Malol and Liran Sardal.

Hanan Maman (Omari Stein)Hanan Maman (Omari Stein)

goal scorer, Guy Mizrahi, concluded: “It is not pleasant for any player not to play, especially not me who is young and needs minutes. I felt that I did not find myself in the team and what happened happened, in the end I am here and happy for the important goal. Hope to continue like this. I felt we could give the goal because we had a lot of space. Probably on the left I’ll give one in a hundred, but the most important thing is that it enters.”

group owners, Yoav Katz, praised the coach and the captain: “I can praise Roni Levy for managing an excellent game, but I must also praise the captain Hanan Meman who was excellent. We still want to strengthen the front part after strengthening the defense and the link”.

Levy: “An excellent team game”

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