Arcelor will activate this month the new steel line for solar parks despite the adjustment due to the fire

Arcelor will activate this month the new steel line for solar parks despite the adjustment due to the fire

2023-05-18 04:15:00

the steel company has invested more than ten million euros in the remodeling of Corvera’s galvanizing line 1 so you can produce specialty metal-coated steel that offers exceptional corrosion resistance. Galvanizing line 2 was already adapted to produce Magnelis, but with a thickness range of 0.5 to 2 millimeters. Now line 1 will be able to offer thicknesses from 2 to 3.5 millimeters, which will cover all the demand for solar panel structures, an expanding market due to the need to advance in the energy transition.

ArcelorMittal sources pointed out that at the moment they are doing new product approval tests and process checks with the R+D+i team. In the coming days, “before the end of the month”, the industrial production of Magnelis will begin on line 1 of galvanizing.

The multinational will launch the new product despite the fact that the manufacturing capacity of ArcelorMittal’s Asturian factories is limited by the forced shutdown of one of the two blast furnaces in Gijón, which supply pig iron to the Avilés and Veriña steelworks. On March 22, a spectacular fire affected blast furnace number 1 in Gijón and it has been inactive ever since. After almost two months, work is still being carried out to empty the kiln. With the help of a remote control machine an attempt is being made to detach the pig iron that has remained adhered to the walls of the blast furnace. Until it is emptied, it will not be possible to access the interior to assess the damage and decide whether to repair the facility, whose useful life ends in 2025 and is scheduled to be replaced then by an iron ore direct reduction plant with green hydrogen and a hybrid electric arc furnace.

The clients

ArcelorMittal already has customers interested in purchasing the special steel that will begin production this month on Corvera’s galvanizing line 1. One of them is the Aviles company Alusín Solar, which has manufactured and installed structures for 850 megawatt solar parks in 32 countries.

ArcelorMittal plans to produce up to 200,000 tons of Magnelis steel per year in Corvera. It will be the company’s reference production center for southern Europe. In addition, the distribution center that ArcelorMittal has in the Silvota industrial estate, in Llanera, will be responsible for the product reaching national customers and other parts of Europe.

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