Archaeological Experts are Surprised to Found 2600 year old CHeese in Egypt 2600-year-old ‘Cheese’ in Egyptian tomb; Surprised scientists!

Archeological discoveries help a lot to know the roots of history. These discoveries have yielded a lot of historical information so far. Whether it is the Harappan civilization or the history of Mesopotamia, it is only through the discoveries of archaeologists that we get information about them.

This time, the material found in the search conducted by archaeologists in Egypt has surprised everyone. Centuries-old cheeses have been found in Egyptian tombs. These dumplings are said to be 2600 years old. Dumplings were found kept in a vessel. Cheese kept at home spoils within two to three days. But, the discovery of 2600-year-old cheese here is a big surprise.

A lump of cheese kept in an earthen pot

The oldest cheese found in Egypt has been found in a clay pot. The pot is inscribed in an ancient language. Scientists claim that this cheese is made from the milk of goats and sheep. In Egypt the cheese is called halloumi. Paneer is made from goat and sheep milk and has a slightly salty taste. Archaeologists say the cheese dates back to the 26th or 27th dynasty of Egypt.

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A 3200 year old cheese was also found

Earlier, a 3200-year-old cheese was found in Bathams Cemetery. It is considered to be the oldest cheese ever made.

Sun Temple

This cheese is found in the Saqqara tomb in Egypt. Excavation work has been going on at Saqqara for a long time. Many other things have been found in this tomb before the cheese. A 4500-year-old Sun Temple has also been discovered in Sakkara Mayan. Statues of gods and goddesses, old tombs and coffins have also been found here. Saqqara, one of the 7 wonders of the world, is 15 miles from the Pyramids of Egypt.

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