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In the office where we work, a person behaves with personality towards colleagues and gets work called ‘boss mentality’. Sometimes even our co-worker behaves with this boss mentality. Some people mistakenly think that this kind of attitude is only for employers. But it can happen to anyone. Let’s look at some of the characteristics of people with a boss mentality and how to deal with them.

It is not easy to satisfy the boss mentality lovers. It is characteristic of them to ask why 99.99% of a job is done correctly but the remaining 0.01% is not done properly. An example of this is a story from the West.

John is walking down the road and sees a dog walking with a bag in its mouth. It looks like a home-bred fodder dog and is amazed by its action. He is eager to follow it and see what it does.

John follows the dog. John follows behind as the dog signals the road to cross. The dog usually gives a piece of paper at the shop, and the familiar shop owner buys it. He puts the groceries in the dog’s bag and gives it to the dog and writes the account.

The dog takes it and walks back across the road into a street. Amazed at the dog’s intelligence, John follows it down the street and sees the dog opening the front gate of a house. When the dog knocks on the door, the master opens the door.

The enraged master shouts in anger that the gate was not closed. ‘Are you so careless..! Why not lower the door gate on arrival? What training did you take..!’ The master barks at the dog, and the dog shuts up. John is dizzy as he watches this.

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Most of us with a ‘boss mentality’ have scolded people for small mistakes like this dog did. If we are told to do ten things, we will do eight of them correctly. We would be doing two things wrong. But eight things done right don’t catch the boss’s eye. He will ask why you did not do the remaining two things properly.

OK..! If we ask if we only suffer because of boss mentality then no. This mentality of theirs will in a way help our self-improvement. By doing these 10 things over and over again, we will eventually get the power to do everything right. Thus, we must understand that boss mentality lovers are indirectly helping us to become an indispensable employee in the office where we work.

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