Argentina, invasion of the capybaras. Giant 50kg mice destroy everything

Argentina, invasion of the capybaras. Giant 50 kg mice terrify

To the Coronavirus emergency in Argentina was added that of the invasion of the capybaras, they are giant mice, they are the largest rodents in the world and each specimen can weigh up to 50 kg. Global warming – we read in the press – is forcing them to look for food in the gardens and in the Argentine garbage containers, the heat pushes the giant rats into the city invading the villas of the VIPs north of Buenos Aires. Residents of one of Argentina’s most exclusive private neighborhoods, Nordelta, north of Buenos Aires have been stormed.

A phenomenon – continues La Stampa – that is unleashing endless irony and controversy on social media, with photos and videos of the “rats” who have become standard bearers of the underclass fighting against the wealthiest, a metaphor for a country overwhelmed by the economic crisis. The carpinchos do not attack humans, but there have already been attacks on dogs and cats, the looting of garbage containers and the destruction of gardens and outdoor areas designed by famous architects.


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