Argument between strangers at a restaurant in Kochi, liquor bottle broken and stabbed; Man Stabbed To Death – Man Stabbed To Death

Kochi – A man was stabbed to death during an argument in a restaurant near Ernakulam Town Hall. The incident took place on Wednesday night at nine o’clock. Both are said to be strangers. During an argument at the restaurant, another man broke a liquor bottle and stabbed the diner in the neck. The assailant escaped after the incident. There are indications that the deceased was a native of Kollam.

It is reported that he reached the lodge where he was staying and took a bag and left the place. At the same time, during the inspection conducted by the police here, the ID card of the alleged stabber was obtained. The address given from it is Suresh at Chungathuveet, Mulavukad, Ernakulam. The police have intensified the search for him in the city.

The victim lay at the scene for half an hour. The police arrived and took the victim to Ernakulam General Hospital. He died by then. The deceased has not been identified.

English Summary: Man Stabbed To Death In A Restaurent At Kochi


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