Ariel and Toretto head to head

Ariel and Toretto head to head

2023-05-26 16:00:00

Thursday, May 25, is possibly the best day of the year for theaters so far, because Ultracine’s preliminary figures reported 290,000 viewers, some 10,000 less than the best day so far (two Saturdays ago) where there were 300,000. But since some important cinemas are missing, such as the North Showcase, surely that figure was comfortably exceeded.

And at the start of the new cinematographic week we have a head-to-head at the top of the ranking, because The Little Mermaid arrived making a lot of noise but it almost didn’t beat Fast and Furious.

Likewise, the difference is minimal and when the missing theaters are processed, we will know how they turned out. But you see Rapids with 122,600 and La Sirenita with 121,548. Very close together and far from the third, which is Guardians of the Galaxy with about 100,000 less.

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