Arisa left by Andrea Di Carlo, goodbye wedding: “She can’t have me all to herself”

Arisa explained the reasons for breaking up with Andrea di Carlo: “She can’t have me all to herself. Marriage? I got carried away”

Just a few days ago Arisa posted on Instagram a series of photo with the breast in the foreground claiming to have learned to accept his body also thanks to the love of his partner Andrea di Carlo. Today, however, the couple, who should have married in September, has definitely broken out.

Arisa – Andrea di Carlo: that’s why the two won’t get married

The break between Arisa and Andrea Di Carlo stems from the fact that the singer never mentioned her partner during an interview with Maria Venier on Domenica In a few days, answering questions about his private life. The author and television agent then published an Instagram post announcing the end of the relationship.

“If someone had asked me: what makes you happy now? I would have answered: her, instead of scented sheets. Yes, I also believe in God, but there is also self-determination in life which is what makes us make conscious choices and makes us you design dreams – Di Carlo writes – You have to distance yourself from those who make you look like a nameless hologram, I’m not Mina, my name is Andrea. Love is for the brave and I am, and when you love you let those he is unable to make commitments. Over and out. #nessumatrimonio. The end “.

Andrea di Carlo to the weekly Oggi also said that Arisa should have slept with him in the evening after the interview but that for no apparent reason she would have decided instead to go home at one in the morning.

Arisa replies to Andrea Di Carlo: “He can’t tell me or me, or everything else”

Arisa then replied to the now former partner in an interview with Corriere della Sera. “He has a very demanding job, an ex-wife, three children, and I accepted everything – says the singer. But I also have a family, I have my sister, my assistant, my staff. I am a singer, I have a really demanding job that he has to be able to accept. He has to respect my choices too and he can’t tell me ‘it’s me, or anything else’. I’m a very independent woman. “

The marriage? It would have been an impulsive choice made by Andrea Di Carlo: “He has always been in a hurry, and I got carried away”. The breakup therefore stems not so much from the lack of affection as from the fact that the lives of Arisa and Andrea go at different speeds and from excessive possessiveness: “He deals with the television world and introduced me to work in Amici and I will thank him for always because it is a program in which I feel good. For the rest on the musical part I have my staff, many people around me. And he did not want to ‘share’ me with anyone “.

Arisa also said she called Andrea in the night to mend relations but he did not want to hear reasons.


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