Arjun and Saubhagya hug their daughter; Video

Arjun and Saubhagya named their daughter Sudarsana

Saubhagya Venkatesh and Arjun Somasekaran are happy that a new person has come into their life. The couple gave birth to a baby girl last Monday. Saubhagya’s mother, dancer and actress Tara Kalyan shared the news of her granddaughter’s birth on social media.

Arjun and Saubhagya named their daughter Sudarsana. Saubhagya has shared a video with her daughter. The video shows Saubhagya and Arjun caressing their daughter. Pelly Mani’s comment on the video was ‘Chakra Vava’.

During the wait for the first eye, Saubhagya and Arjun informed the fans about every little thing from their pregnancy through social media. Therefore, the fans were as excited and happy about the birth of the baby as they were.

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