Arjuna Award to Pragnananda Ilavenil Valarivan presented by President Draupathi Murmu Arjuna Award to Valarivan and Pragnananda in the spring

New Delhi,

The Gal Ratna and Arjuna awards are given annually to the Indian sportsperson who wins medals in international competitions, the Dronacharya Award to the best coaches and the Dayan Chand Award to the lifetime achievement.

Accordingly, the National Sports Awards ceremony for this year was held in Delhi today. Tamil Nadu table tennis player Sarath Kamal was awarded Khel Ratna. Similarly, chess player Pragnananda from Tamil Nadu, shooter Ilavenil Walarivan and differently abled badminton player Gerlin Anika were awarded the Arjuna Award.

President Drabupati Murmu honored the sportsmen and women with awards at the function held at the President’s House, Delhi. Among them, a total of 25 people were awarded Arjuna Award, 4 people were given Dronacharya Award and 4 people were given Dyan Chand Award.


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