Arm Baths for Sudden Blood Pressure Fluctuations: A Natural Solution Investigated by University Researchers

2023-09-26 13:36:00
New Study Investigates Arm Baths as a Natural Method to Lower Blood Pressure

FREIBURG – Sudden fluctuations in blood pressure can be a cause of concern for individuals, often leading to uncomfortable symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, and even cardiac problems. In an effort to combat this issue, naturopaths have long recommended arm baths as a potential solution. Researchers from the University Center for Naturopathy at the University Hospital of Freiburg are currently investigating the effectiveness of this method and are in search of participants with elevated blood pressure values to take part in the study.

The study aims to build upon the successful results of a previous experiment conducted earlier this year. Individuals interested in participating in the study will be required to dedicate approximately two hours of their time on two separate occasions, one week apart.

“It is incredibly valuable for those affected to have the ability to actively contribute to lowering their blood pressure levels during sudden spikes. Arm baths have the potential to be a reliable, fast-acting, and self-applicable remedy without any significant side effects for acutely elevated blood pressure,” explains Prof. Dr. Roman Huber, the head of the University Center for Naturopathy at the University Hospital of Freiburg. However, Prof. Huber emphasizes the importance of seeking medical or cardiological help if blood pressure levels remain consistently high or worsen rapidly.

During the study, participants will undertake thermoneutral and warm arm baths for a duration of five minutes each. Before and up to 90 minutes after the arm bath, blood pressure, pulse, and skin temperature will be measured. The sequence of the arm baths will be randomized to ensure accurate results. The study will be conducted at the University Center for Naturopathy at the University Hospital of Freiburg. To be eligible, participants must be over 18 years old and have elevated blood pressure values. Interested individuals can contact Stephan Brunner at 0176-41902229 or

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This press release was issued by the Freiburg University Hospital on September 26, 2023. The study presents an opportunity for those with elevated blood pressure to explore a potential natural remedy for their condition. Participants in the study will not only benefit from potential improvements in their own health but also contribute to advancing medical knowledge in the field of naturopathy.

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