Armin Laschet’s laughter

BerlinActually, Armin Laschet’s laughter came as ordered. The Union’s candidate for chancellor smirked and joked on Saturday in front of the cameras, the pictures show him in a group of jokingly people in the middle of the disaster area. Laschet stood in the background while Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier presented his shock in front of the victims in solemn words, but his provocative grin pushed forward. Under the hashtag #Laschetlacht, the possible shitstorm quickly arose on Twitter: The man mocks the suffering of the people, a characterless politician who feigns sympathy only for the press present.

Does Laschet’s laughter reveal the possibly cynical politician show?

In fact, our top political personnel is currently putting on their rubber boots to look as good as possible at the flood show: We take care, we help, we comfort, we do … The objection here is very obvious that the powerful on the ground make themselves important and maybe may also give the disturbed people something to hold on to, but should rather fight the incredible suffering from their desk and with their authorities. Because: It is not a matter of words, but of deeds. Against this background, Laschet’s laugh seems to confirm the prejudice against the politicians: everything is cynical.

So let’s expect the worst. Still, we should at least consider that Laschet and the other jokers may have taken some relief from the disaster that Saturday. That would be perfectly human. Laschet’s admission, however, caused annoyance, he regretted the impression created by a “conversation situation”. Really now, just the impression? So the mistake in the flood show? Here’s a tip to politicians: Maybe just shut up.



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