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As on the day before in Vienna, far more participants came to the demonstration against the corona measures in Linz on Sunday. While the event was peaceful, a (failed) arson attack on Linz City Hall is currently occupying the police.

4:54 p.m., November 21, 2021


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As with the demo on Saturday in Vienna (photo), freedom was also insisted on in Linz © (c) AFP (JOE KLAMAR)

Thousands of people are one on Sunday Rally against the government’s corona measures in downtown Linz came. The three members of the state parliament vaccination critical party MFG had invited to the rally at 2 p.m. in front of the country house. Because of the never-ending influx, the beginning was postponed by half an hour. Instead of the registered 600 people, almost ten times as many came, the police confirmed estimates.

However, the vast majority of participants of all ages who came into the city center when the sun was shining did not wear masks. Many demonstrators waved red-white-red flags, a real sea of ​​flags accompanied the masses. Statements such as: “The syringe is the greatest crime against humanity”, “No to compulsory vaccination”, “Stay away from our children” and “Civil rights – freedom despite Corona” could be read on the banners they had brought with them. “The country house, the criminal house,” called out one participant to another, “that’s where Upper Austria’s first criminal sits,” he called the governor Thomas Stelzer (ÖVP). Again and again those waiting in front of the mobile speaker’s platform chanted “Resistance”.

“Thank you for all getting up,” welcomed the member of the state parliament Joachim Aigner the amount. The “time on the couch” is now over. For the tense situation in Upper Austria’s hospitals, he blamed the “savings policy” of the past few years. According to the police, there were no incidents during the rally and it was peaceful. The MFG had emphasized, “we do not want any rioters” and called for “criminal matters” to be reported.

Arson attack on Linz town hall

A flame from a gas cartridge, with which a stranger on Friday evening apparently the Facade of the New Town Hall in Linz wanted to set fire to, gives rise to speculation about the motive. Police and politicians fear the Covid measures as a motive for the ignition. A police spokeswoman told the APA that investigations were being carried out in all directions. The perpetrator has not yet been investigated.

The stranger had set fire to the gas canister on the house wall at 6.15 p.m. “The resulting two to three meter high jet of flame could not spread on the concrete wall and was quickly extinguished by the fire brigade,” said the police report.

A black soot stain appeared on the concrete wall. “The perpetrator is fleeting,” said the police spokeswoman. A witness observed the unknown person running away. “Maybe it was just a coincidence that the Friday demonstration was taking place on the other side of the Nibelungen Bridge at the same time,” he says Linz Mayor Klaus Luger quoted in the newspaper. He was worried that the heated mood due to the lockdown, mandatory vaccination & Co. could boil over.

The police are investigating as well as after Arson attack on a police car in the Ebelsberg district of Linz last week due to property damage. In Ebelsberg, two 16-year-olds and one 20-year-old are said to have poured petrol over a parked police car and set it on fire. After their investigation, they confessed that they originally even wanted to ambush officials, attack them, and even douse them with gasoline and set them on fire. Your motive: The officials had checked compliance with the corona rules

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