Arrests Made for Paying Respect to Bharat Mata Image in Kanyakumari: 14 People Arrested

Arrests Made for Paying Respect to Bharat Mata Image in Kanyakumari: 14 People Arrested

14 People Arrested in Nagercoil for Paying Respect to Bharat Mata Image in Kanyakumari

Nagercoil witnessed a tense situation yesterday as 14 people were arrested for paying respects to the image of Bharat Mata near the Kanyakumari Bhagwati Amman temple. The incident occurred on the 60th anniversary of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) organization.

The VHP had organized an arrangement to honor the image of Goddess Bharat near the temple. The VHP organizers, led by Bajrang Dal state organizer Bhimaram, arrived at the location in the morning carrying the image of Bharat Mata.

However, the police, comprising more than 70 officers, including ADSP Mathiazhagan and DSPs Mahesh Kumar and Krishnamurthy, had strict instructions not to permit the paying of respects to the Bharat Mata image.

The police conveyed to the VHP organizers, “There is no permission to pay respect to the Bharat Mata image.”

Dissatisfied with the police’s decision, the VHP organizers engaged in a heated argument, causing unrest in the area.

Defying the police ban, the VHP organizers proceeded to garland the image of Bharat Mata. Consequently, the police took immediate action and arrested all 14 individuals. They were then transported to a private hall, where they staged a hunger strike to protest their arrest.

After intense discussions, the arrested individuals were finally released in the evening.

The incident has sparked debates and controversies, with many people questioning the police’s actions and the legality of their decision to prevent paying respects to Bharat Mata. The VHP and other Hindu organizations have condemned the incident, vowing to fight for their rights and the freedom to practice their religious beliefs.

Meanwhile, authorities have stated that the decision to ban the paying of respects to the Bharat Mata image was in accordance with the law, ensuring public safety and maintaining law and order in the region.

As the situation unfolds, it is evident that tensions remain high between the police and Hindu organizations. The incident has brought the spotlight on the clash between religious beliefs and the enforcement of law in India.


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