Arsenal buys … a 4-year-old boy! See Zayn Ali Salman in action

Arsenal have a solid tradition in discovering young phenomena, but with Zayn Ali Salman they really surprised everyone: the new signing of the “Gunners” is only 4 years old!

The very young football promise really impressed the talent scout Stephen Deans: “I saw him playing with children who were twice his age and I could hardly believe he was only 4 and still attending kindergarten! After having talked to his parents and having tried him in some training sessions with us, I can say that he is not a flash in the pan, but a real talent ”.

His first coach, Austin Schofield, he explains: “When we put him to play with the eight-year-olds, he was still the fastest, as well as the best at both passing the ball and scoring goals.”

Her father adds a curious detail: “On the day of his birth, the nurse was amazed that he was already pulling his head up to look around. He has always been very strong physically and gifted with great balance. Arsenal are convinced of his potential, even though he is still small ”.

And so little Salman has the opportunity to play for his favorite team. And who knows that one day his fairytale will not end at the Emirates Stadium, home of the legendary Arsenal.


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