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When the train began to link Paris to Honfleur, Deauville and Trouville, Eugène Boudin discovered a passion that was to become central to his work: painting people on the beach.

He is not the best-known painter, but Eugène Boudin knew how to revolutionize painting in his own way. His specialty: capturing live scenes of life on the beach. We are then in the 1860s and society begins to discover the joys of sea bathing. What is striking is the very dressed outfit of the people present on the canvases, at a time when the swimsuit did not seem to exist .

Its recipe is simple, the lower third of the painting is reserved for the sand and the sea, the other two are for the sky. With his easel in the open air, Boudin must above all act quickly to capture the expressions of his characters and the colors of the sky. He does not bother with details on the faces, which, in close-up, seem to be reduced to a stain of paint. Boudin’s work inspired many glories of Impressionism, such as Claude Monet, whose early paintings depicted … people on the beach.


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