‘Artificial fish’ to remove plastic from sea; Chinese scientists develop robot fish that gobble up microplastics

Artificial fish that move forward by flapping their tails will now collect plastic from large bodies of water. These robotic fish are only half an inch long. Saying It’s about Chinese-made artificial fish that clean up plastic on the ocean floor. The fish were developed by scientists at Sichuan University in China. They can also move very quickly, capable of collecting microplastics in the water. Marine pollution is a matter of great concern to environmental scientists. The new technology is aimed at reducing human resources to prevent this and to make water purification possible faster.

Due to their small size, they can penetrate very small pores and other areas and collect plastic. But even with this size, their load carrying capacity is very high. Scientists say they can pick up and carry objects weighing up to 5 kg. These fishes that collect marine debris have become the talk of the town. While some were in favor, some raised a question of concern. They ask what would happen if real fish saw these artificial fish and mistook them for prey and ate them. Environmentalists say that real fish could be killed if they eat them.

Microplastics are tiny plastic particles created from everyday plastic items. There are billions of microplastics around the world. These must be avoided as they can leach into the environment and sometimes even into food and cause serious damage. Newly developed artificial fish technology utilizes the potential of nanotechnology a lot. Scientists have suggested that nanotechnology will make significant contributions to humanity’s fight against microplastics in the future.

English Summary:Chinese scientists develop robot fish that gobble up microplastics


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