As in the Intifada: in Samaria they switch to traveling in caravans

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In Samaria, are they returning to the bad days of the second intifada in the early 2000s and switching to traveling in caravans?

The following message was sent today (Thursday) in the WhatsApp groups of the residents of Karni Shomron, Kedumim and Ma’ale Shomron: “Following the increase in stone attacks along the entire axis 55 and with the onset of the Tishrei holiday period, We return to escort caravans of guests arriving on Shabbat and holidays to the settlements: Kedumim, Ma’ale Shomron and Karnei Shomron“.

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A bus that was hit on Route 55, archive (Photo: Sharia Diamant/Flash90)

The convoys will leave the Eliyahu Crossing by armed residents until they enter the settlements. The time of the caravans and the escort will be announced for Shabbat and the holiday.

A link will also be sent to the residents where the gun owners who wish to join the escort of the vehicles in the convoy will contact them. Another link has been sent for the benefit of residents interested in escorting vehicles for their guests and family members.

In recent days there has been a deterioration in personal safety on Samaria roads, especially in the Ezon area on Highway 55, where where the residents slow down, Arab boys stand and throw stones at the vehicles.

Terrorism must not fold us

The initiative matured in recent days following repeated messages in the settlement and community groups with the question “Who is going out now?” and “if it’s safe to go out right now?”. Some of the public fear that the miracles will run out…

The initiative is by a number of residents in the cluster of settlements in central Samaria, and it arouses opposition among the settlers as well. A resident of one of the settlements told the Serogim: “I can tell you that I am really against civilian convoys. Or convoys in general. We need to drive bravely on all Samaria roads and not let terrorism fold us.”

On the other hand, another resident claimed, “The army secures the roads, but you can’t station soldiers every 10 meters…”

IDF: Investors are making efforts to eradicate the cases of stone throwing

The IDF stated: “The IDF is putting a lot of effort into eradicating the cases of stone throwing in the area and is working to close the circle with the suspects.

The IDF soldiers are deployed in the area according to the assessment of the situation and use a variety of measures in accordance with the instructions to open fire against those who try to harm the security of the citizens. The IDF will continue to act against these types of events both in overt and hidden activities while strengthening the security of the citizens.

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