As of today, Beijing Airport stops making it compulsory to provide a Corona examination for arrivals

Beijing Airport announced that it has stopped compulsory submission of a negative Corona examination for arrivals, as of today, Tuesday, December 6, 2022.

And the National Health Committee of China revealed that 28,062 new cases of coronavirus were recorded on December 5, of which 5,046 showed symptoms and 23,016 were asymptomatic, according to Reuters.

On the previous day, China recorded 30,014 new infections, of which 4,318 were symptomatic and 25,696 were asymptomatic.

Excluding imported infections from abroad, China recorded 27,847 new domestic cases of coronavirus, of which 4,988 were symptomatic and 22,859 asymptomatic, down from 29,724 the previous day.

No new deaths were recorded as the previous day, keeping the total death toll at 5,235.

As of December 5, China had recorded 345,529 confirmed cases of coronavirus.


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