As the video went viral, the controversial official’s hat fell off

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During duty, he threw the hat of a controversial officer who had sex with a colleague in a police vehicle. Luff, a senior officer, is the head of the police patrol team in Madison, USA. Reginald Patterson resigned.

A video of Patterson having sex with a newly arrived female colleague has been circulating on social media. Following the release of the video, the police headquarters ordered an investigation into the incident. Patterson resigned following a finding of guilt in a subsequent departmental investigation.

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Patterson has been with the Madison Police Department for 15 years. The incident took place on September 16. Patterson’s footage of him having sex with a co-worker in a police car parked in the parking lot of a retail store in Madison was filmed on the phone by another car owner and posted on social media. He said the video was filmed because he saw two people naked in a police vehicle. A 20-year-old woman and an elderly man were in the vehicle. He said the woman was dressed and a police officer in a uniform came to the front seat and drove away as soon as he noticed the video.

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Initially, police officials did not respond to the incident. The media broke the news and accused Patterson of being in the car. With this, the investigation was ordered. According to the report, Patterson violated various rules that police officers must follow. The name of the colleague who was in the car has not been released. According to reports, a newly hired officer was inside the car.

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