Asi Ezer stings Rotem Sela: “She’s dragging”

Asi Ezer stings Rotem Sela: “She’s dragging”

While the presenter and the actress Rotem Sela Vacationing belly-back in the exotic Seychelles together with the hottest women in the world among them Gal Gadot andYael Goldman, Her other half, the moderator Assi Azar, He vacationed in Berlin. But it doesn’t comfort him at all because the supervisor is angry with her for not taking him with them on the dream vacation. This is not the first time that Ezer is angry with Sela for taking him out of spending time with the successful girlfriends and he is really not ashamed to show it to his followers on Instagram.

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Ezer shared with his followers in a message he sent to Sela: “The saddest thing for me is that once when everyone went on vacation in Greece, I didn’t go because you couldn’t come. You are like my right hand, there is a cell in my heart named after you. Why do you let Yael Goldman influence you like this? She is a powerful woman, but you are also the CEO of ‘Discount’ Soul. If you don’t tell me the truth because they are next to you now, I understand. Send me a wink if that’s the case,” he wrote and received a wink in return, so he concluded: “And this is the truth Guys, Rotem was dragged.’

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Assi Ezer (Photo: Instagram screenshot)


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