Asia Argento naked for her 48th birthday. «It’s complicated for me to accept myself for who I am, life is beautiful but it lasts too long» –

Asia Argento naked for her 48th birthday.  «It’s complicated for me to accept myself for who I am, life is beautiful but it lasts too long» –

2023-09-21 16:26:34

by Simona Marchetti

Fresh from a long trip to India, the actress, who crossed the finish line of one year of sobriety in June 2022, wanted to celebrate her birthday with a series of personal shots, opened by a naked selfie in front of the mirror

Sobriety, children and work. These are the priorities for the future of Asia Argento who wanted to celebrate her 48th birthday on Wednesday 20 September with a post between the sad and the disturbing, words imbued with great bitterness, which cannot leave one indifferent. «Today I turn 48, I publish a bold selfie, but not so much for my nudity – I have anesthetized you since I was a teenager – the truth is that it is still complicated for me to look in the mirror and tell myself that I really love myself . That I accept myself for who I am. That I deserve the best too.” The risqué photo the actress talks about – she naked in front of the mirror with a rose in the foreground – opens a series of shots, which become a sort of memory album that ranges from an image of her at 7 years old at birth of his daughter Anna Lou and a selfie with his son Nicola Giovanni.

« I’m making incredible efforts to progress, but sometimes this life seems like an absurd dance, one step forward and two steps back – continues the director, who on 9 June last year celebrated a year of sobriety – . I don’t like birthdays, other people’s not at all and mine even less. This year too I’m running away abroad so as not to celebrate it with my “family” (I’m not talking about my children, every day is a celebration with them) and various “acquaintances”. Summing up what I have experienced this year I feel grateful, even if as I write these words I am quite down, I have a lump in my throat.”

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Fresh from a long trip to India, which he documented with photos and videos on Instagram, Argento explains what the new cornerstones of her life are now. « My priorities are and remain only these: sobriety, children, work. I put sobriety first because without it my life would be a mess. Everything else comes and goes and leaves no trace. Everything else is so evanescent that it doesn’t even stick to the walls of my hippocampus. Everything else dries in the sun like fruit. I want to hurry up and get old, life is beautiful but it lasts too long”, concludes the actress, leaving this sentence as if suspended in the air which has understandably created concern among her followers.

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