Asim Velimanna visited star Ganim Mufta at the World Cup opening venue

Doha | Asim Velimanna visited star Ghanim Al Mufta along with Hollywood star Morgan Freeman at the World Cup opening venue. Asim has been in Doha for days to watch the World Cup. Asim had said the other day that he wanted to meet Ganim very much.

One of the World Cup ambassadors, Al Mufta, is a popular YouTuber, entrepreneur and motivational speaker from Qatar. Ganim is a person who conquers physical challenges with a smile and direct hard work as an achievement in life.

Azim, a native of Koduvalli Velimanna, Kozhikode, who has set a record by swimming across Periyar, is also a student who bravely faces challenges head on. Asim has created many records. Asim wrote on Facebook that he came to meet Ganim on invitation.


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