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The Manchester City coach after the Champions League match won 6-3 against Leipzig had asked for more audience participation. A supporter representative replied: “It is frustrating to question our loyalty.” But Pep doesn’t reverse: “If I’m a problem I can step aside”

To see il Manchester City that beat Leipzig 6-3 in the Champions League, there were 38,000 people at the Etihad on Wednesday, well below the stadium’s capacity of 54,000. Like this Pep Guardiola, who is the coach of the City, at the end of the match he made an appeal to the fans: «I would like more people to come on Saturday. We will need you, please, because we will be very tired. I invite everyone to come on Saturday at three in the afternoon »for the Premier match against Southampton.

The sentence – apparently harmless – has instead aroused the reaction of the fans who responded through their representative, Kevin Parker. «There is no doubt that Guardiola is the best coach in the world, so maybe he should limit himself to that. That he questions our support and loyalty to the team is frankly disappointing»Said Mr. Parker. “He doesn’t understand the difficulties people can have in getting to the stadium on Wednesdays at eight in the evening. There are those who have children, those who cannot afford tickets, there are those who are still worried about Covid. Honestly, his speech cannot be justified also because our presence at the stadium is usually massive. We played two home games and the stadium was full on both occasions. In doing so, Guardiola feeds the teasing of our rivals “, who in the past had often made fun of the City public by calling the stadium” Emtyhad “, with the pun that associates the adjective” empty “with the name of the facility.

Guardiola: “I don’t apologize”

So, today, on the eve of the Premier match, at a press conference they asked Guardiola if he intended to apologize. «No – Pep’s answer – Mr. Parker should review my comments. Did I mention I was disappointed because the stadium was half empty? Well, it’s a personal interpretation. I’m not going to apologize, I’m amazed at what happened ». «After you have played in the Champions League it is always difficult – he continues -, knowing then that Southampton had a week to recover, what I said is that we need 40-50 thousand people support. I prefer to have my people than not to have them: if you want to come, I’m happy, if you don’t come it’s okay, I’ve never had a problem with our fans, I’m one of them. I hope Mr. Parker will come too, ”the conciliatory phrase. But then another stronger one followed: «If I’m a problem for the fans, I can also take a step to the side».

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