Assaf Granit is opening a restaurant in Berlin – and wants to bring Jerusalem there

Our readers in Berlin, take note: Assaf Granit is coming to the neighborhood. In the coming month he will launch a new restaurant in the city, Berta, with a menu on the Jerusalem-Berlin line. “I was born and raised in Jerusalem and always dreamed of opening a restaurant in Berlin,” Granit explains. “This is a very personal and exciting project for me, to open a restaurant in a place that my family had to leave. My two grandmothers are my inspiration. As a child, I would accompany my grandmother Berta to the market, discovering new tastes and smells with her and always peeking behind her shoulder to learn from her how to cook the story. My grandmother’s is the legacy of my cooking, and I owe it to her and not to formal education. Wherever I go, I try to bring Jerusalem with me, which is the core of my cuisine.”

Bertha Berlin (photo by Joerg Lehmann)

Berta is located within walking distance of the Brandenburg Gate, the Sony Center and Checkpoint Charlie, and it bears, as mentioned, the name of Granit’s grandmother, who was born and raised in Berlin – and when she immigrated to Israel she learned to combine her kitchen with the kitchens of her neighbors who come from different countries and cultures. The atmosphere and the menu are expected to be based on the hospitality heritage of Grandma’s House, plus the touch ups accepted in the Mahaniuda Group restaurants. In a press release it was stated that ‘the secret of the charm of the ‘Berta’ restaurant is the combination of a creative kitchen, which is a culinary melting pot, and a one-of-a-kind hospitality experience. At Berta, the guest feels like he is among friends and family, whether they are sitting next to him or working behind the bar and the kitchen.” The kitchen team, in case you were looking for a job, is made up of local and Israeli workers, with the latter assisting in the assimilation of the Jewish codes, as in Granit’s other restaurants abroad .

The opening of the restaurant strengthens the Israeli culinary presence in the city in the fine dining sector, which includes the starred Prism restaurant by Chef Gal Ben Moshe (Pastel) and Layla by Chef Meir Adoni. The Makhaniuda group also owns a restaurant in London (Coal Office) and Paris (broken, when the Belgan restaurant was closed a few weeks ago following a dispute with the local partners). Bertha is at the Tale Berlin Potsdamer Platz hotel from the Precise chain, owned by the international hotelier born in Tiberias, Ron Ben Haim. The hotel has 141 rooms and suites, a spa and gym, a bar also called Berta and another restaurant called Bamia.
Stresemannstraße 99, 10963 Berlin


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