Assault on Congress, Melania Trump “refused to calm people down” –

This was revealed in a book by Stephanie Grisham: she arrived at the White House in 2017 as head of the press office of the then First lady and in 2019, for a year, spokesperson for the president, she is known for never having presented herself to briefings with journalists. The reaction: “Look for visibility after its failure”

From our correspondent in Washington
At 1.25pm ​​on January 6, Melania Trump receives a text message from Stephanie Grisham, his closest collaborator. Capitol Hill is under siege. The TVs broadcast live images of violent clashes between policemen and Trumpian supporters. It is the darkest hour in recent US history. Grisham writes to the First Lady: “He wants to tweet that every American has the right to peacefully demonstrate, but there can be no room for lawlessness and violence?».
A minute later Melania replies: «No».

At that moment Donald Trump’s wife is in the White House, engaged in a photo shoot for the presentation of a new carpet. A disconcerting reaction, but perfectly in line with that of the then president. This unedifying story is contained in the book by Stephanie Grisham, out on 5 October and anticipated by the site Politico.

Grisham, 45, born in Colorado, raised in Arizona, was an early Trumpian. She participated in the election campaign of the former New York builder and in 2017 she arrived at the White House as Melania’s press officer. In 2019 he becomes Trump’s spokesperson and holds the position for about a year. They remember her in Washington because she never showed up once in the briefing room with reporters. Now, with a touch of sadistic irony, Grisham returns to the open with a volume of memoirs entitled: “I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw in The Trump White House”. “Now I answer your questions: what I saw in the Trump White House.”

Stephanie resigned a few hours after that exchange of messages with Melania. He also says he asked the First Lady several times if she was going to invite Jill Biden, wife of the president-elect, for traditional handover tea. But once again Melania refused: “let’s behave like the West Wing (the wing of the White House where the president works, ed)”. “Melania – writes Grisham – believed, just like her husband, that the presidential elections had been irregular.”

Yesterday Melania Trump released a short note: «The intentions behind this book are obvious. It is an attempt to redeem itself after a failed performance as a “press secretary” and after a season of unprofessional behavior in the White House. Grisham tries to get visibility and money at the expense of Mrs. Trump ”.

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