Assembly members negotiate aid – Diario La Prensa Riobamba

Assembly members negotiate aid – Diario La Prensa Riobamba

The unfortunate event due to the landslide that occurred in the Alausí canton left several Alauseños without some of their loved ones and their houses were trapped between the mountains. Several supportive people, foundations, institutions and authorities, seek the means to help, in the face of this fact, with different inputs, materials, food, among others, so that the affected people can use it.
Situation. The Assembly members manage help, they indicated that they have made several efforts in order to provide support in this situation of social, economic and health crisis.

“We have coordinated with some businessmen from Quito, Cuenca, who have always collaborated with us with food, basic necessities, to satisfy the needs of our brothers from Alause, who have been affected by the landslide. I aspire on Friday or next week we will be present with the help that we can collect for Alausí. They are coordinating with the ‘Coral’ supermarket group, they have always collaborated with us and they are going to make a considerable donation and I have asked the embassies of Taiwan, China, Japan for help, waiting for it to materialize”, commented Rafael Lucero Chimborazo assemblyman.

Details.“We are making international contacts so that people with experience come immediately, so that they can do these excavations. Likewise, we are carrying out procedures with embassies so that they provide us with humanitarian support for people who are in a difficult situation. Support has been requested through the legislative houses at the level of all the provinces so that they can deliver themselves to vulnerable people, “said Patricia Núñez, assured that the Assembly members manage aid

Important. Also, he expressed, “we call for the appearance of this change in the agenda, so that an audit can be carried out through the Citizen Participation Commission. We stated from the beginning that things were not carried out quickly, nor were the Emergency Operations Committee activated when necessary.

Sepal. Daysi Yuquilema, assembly member, stated “we have come with help and defined the priority needs. The psychological issue in this situation that mainly affects children, for this reason, health personnel and educators are being coordinated so that they can cope with this crisis. The shelters are being detected in order to centralize support.” In addition, they plan to work with a Project Resolution so that they take the respective measures with all those affected at an economic, social and health level.


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