Asset manager Lochmüller: Then the internet bubble burst

Tteam spirit, success, cohesion. It is no coincidence that Ralf Lochmüller brings the poster from the team meeting for the 2025 strategy meeting to the interview with the FAZ. There are many words on the poster and the three mentioned stand out. Anyone who has a conversation with Lochmüller, the founder and CEO of the investment company Lupus alpha, quickly realizes that empty phrases are not his thing. They should be filled with life, what is called “team spirit” in modern German is important to him. If you examine the poster more closely, you will also find the words currywurst, fun and party proofed. They probably point to this special atmosphere in the team. The experiences behind skiing, soft grappa and bow ties are probably part of the company secret. The word “Currywurst” comes from Lochmüller, the man was born in Duisburg, a matter of honour.

gold rush mood

Inken Schoenauer

Editor in business, responsible for the financial market.

Lochmüller founded Lupus alpha more than 22 years ago. With four other colleagues who all learned their trade at Invesco, a large American asset manager. There was a gold rush mood, because in the year 2000 the hour of the New Market struck. One IPO followed the next, business ideas became business models overnight and turned into money on the stock exchange. “The spirit of optimism back then inspired us to become self-employed,” says Lochmüller today.


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