Associazione Italia Asean, Romano Prodi president after Enrico Letta

Prof. Romano Prodi replaces Enrico Letta as president of the Italy-ASEAN Association. The former President of the European Commission accepted the invitation of the new secretary of the Democratic Party to lead the association he founded in 2015 to foster and stimulate relations between Italy and the 10 countries of Southeast Asia, within the framework of relations between the Union European and ASEAN.

In his farewell, the outgoing president Enrico Letta stressed that “in these six years of activity, the level of political and economic relations has grown thanks to the work of the association, which has developed from the intuitions of Francesco Merloni – at the helm of a of the first Italian industrial groups to look to Southeast Asia – and of the President of the Republic Mattarella, the first European head of state to visit the ASEAN Secretary General ”.

Enrico Letta in motivating the choice of Romano Prodi – with experience of Italian and European government – thanked the vice presidents Romeo Orlandi and Michelangelo Pipan, the treasurer Oliver Galea, the director Valerio Bordonaro and the Secretary General Alessia Mosca, who will take on the position of Executive Vice President.

Professor Prodi enthusiastically accepted, pushing on the need for Italy to strengthen those structures that deal with creating international economic and political relations that are systemic, informal and profound.


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