‘Assured teammates at first team meeting’; Says Rohit Sharma

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Kolkata: Captain Rohit Sharma has revealed the secret behind India’s success. Rohit’s revelation came after his complete victory in the Twenty20 series against New Zealand.

After the series win, Rohit told the media about a promise he made to his teammates at his first team meeting as captain. Rohit assured his teammates that anything he does for the team under pressure and challenge will not go unnoticed. As captain, Rohit said it was his duty to ensure the support of the team members.

‘At the first team meeting I made one thing clear to the team members. He assured that nothing he does for the team will go unnoticed. The team ensured that whatever challenge it took on itself to reduce it when it was under pressure deserved consideration. I was also advised to take out the natural play. I think this is the responsibility of a captain and a coach. This will be our position in the future as well, ”Rohit said.

Content Highlights: Rohit Sharma reveals motivational message from his maiden team meeting as captain


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