AstraZeneca, in France the vaccine is given only to over 55s: that’s why-

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PARIS – The three days of European psychodrama that caused the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine to be suspended are over but in France, unlike elsewhere, there is a queue: AstraZeneca is no longer given to anyone under the age of 55. For some it is bizarre, the sign of the indecision of the authorities (in February it was forbidden to over 65s) and of the chaos that seems to reign in the French management of the epidemic. However, the choice is based on factual elements, the same ones who advised the stop a few days ago.

I know the general cases of thrombosis among AstraZeneca vaccinees are even lower to those expected in the general population, the French High Authority of Health is concerned about two specific and rare pathologies: disseminated intravascular coagulations (Civd), or the formation of small blood clots throughout the body, and cerebral venous thrombosis (Tvc). In France, there have been two cases of CCTV among vaccinated people, a 24-year-old woman and a 51-year-old man, and a case of Civd among a 26-year-old woman. Out of one million and 400 thousand vaccinated AstraZeneca in France, this is a very low incidence but still higher than expected.

At the European level, including the UK, they have occurred 12 cases of TVc and 5 cases of Civd among AstraZeneca vaccinated under 55 years, when the norm for the general population would be 1.35 cases of CCTV and less than 1 for those of Civd. “These figures indicate AstraZeneca vaccinees under 55 an eight times higher risk than TVC and five times higher than Civd»Says the French High Authority, as reported The world. This is why vaccination has resumed in France, but excluding those under 55.

What will happen now? Some people under 55, for example medical staff, have already received a first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Among them the Minister of Health, the forty-year-old Olivier Véran, who at the beginning of February had let himself be photographed with the needle in his arm for the now ritual image of encouragement to vaccination. Will they give up the second dose? Will they use another vaccine? The French High Authority states that the suspension for those under 55 is a precautionary measure and that further studies are underway. The second dose, in the case of the AstraZeneca vaccine, is recommended for everyone after an interval of three months, which leaves enough time to continue the tests and possibly extend the green light to the entire population, even to those under the age of 55.

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