AstraZeneca: “More than 5 million vaccines delivered in Italy by March”

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Anti-Covid-19 vaccines, the AstraZeneca update

In a note, the company takes stock of the situation of vaccines against Covid-19: “As announced last week, we are continuously updating our delivery schedule and informing the European Commission and Commissioner Arcuri on a weekly basis of our plans to bring more vaccine doses to Europe as soon as possible,” he writes AstraZeneca.

“As for Italy, this week we will exceed 1.5 million doses delivered and we aim to exceed 5 million doses by the end of March”.

“Delivery dates, frequency and volume may be subject to alterations due to production processes and the timing of quality control processes. The contract with the European Commission was signed in August 2020 and at that time it was not possible to make a precise estimation of the doses, which depends on the productivity of the production plants of a vaccine with high biological complexity that had never been produced “.

“Added to this complexity was lower-than-expected productivity at the European manufacturing facility, which is why we are not yet able to provide detailed second quarter forecasts. AstraZeneca confirms that it works with the aim of being in line with what is indicated in the contract. In fact, we expect about half of the expected doses to come from the European supply chain in which we are continuing to work to increase productivity. The rest will come from our international supply network with the aim of delivering more than 20 million doses to Italy “, concludes AstraZeneca.

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