AstraZeneca: Nas checks also in Trentino –

BOLZANO. They are also underway in Trentino checks by the Carabinieri of the Nas, in collaboration with the provincial agency for health services, sul AstraZeneca’s batch of Covid-19 ABV5811 vaccine, already blocked in Piedmont.

And the story also intervenes Cisl Medici del Trentino. “In the light of the news that we come to learn in our clinics from our own patients and from the news reports well before Apss warns us, while some of us this morning had been replenished for the umpteenth time, after last week, with bottles of Astra Zeneca with lot 5811, Cisl Medici del Trentino, in agreement with its hundreds of general practitioners and not only, immediately suspends unilaterally the activity of administering the vaccine doses delivered to us and stored in our outpatient refrigerators, and asks urgently that the Committee pursuant to Article 24 of general medicine be convened to re-discuss the agreement signed with the Province and the Company itself “, underlines the general secretary of Cisl Medici del Trentino, Nicola Paoli.


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