AstraZeneca recommended to the over 60s but the Regions go on the attack – The use of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Italy is recommended above 60 years, but not prohibited in under 60s. The decision came after the response of the EMA which spoke of a possible link between this vaccine and rare forms of thrombosis. But the regions go on the attack and ask for clear directions. In some regions, there have been high rates of citizens’ cancellations of the Anglo-Swedish vaccine. Even 40%.

“They blame us – one of the presidents vented – when we spend our time trying to convince people but then contradictory messages always arrive”. Here is the reason why the governors asked the government and the CTS for clarity. “You must take responsibility for clear communications”, the ‘refrain’ during the meeting that was held yesterday, in the presence of the coordinator of the Technical Scientific Committee, Locatelli, of the extraordinary commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo and of the Minister of Health Speranza.

The governors have asked for directions, via a circular. The Head of Health explained, in the wake of what Locatelli illustrated, that there will be a recommendation to administer AstraZeneca over the age of 60, along the lines of what was decided by Brussels. The European Union is aiming for a single line, although some countries such as the Scandinavian ones have found it difficult to align, according to reports. Speranza himself reported that the vaccination plan does not change.

The goal, including that of Prime Minister Draghi, is always to reach 500,000 doses per day by the end of April but the regional presidents were baffled by the confusion that reigns over AstraZeneca. “Only at the end – explained one of the governors – did they tell us that AstraZeneca will also be good for those who have taken the first dose and must take the second”. “Here it is the fault of everyone and no one but it is necessary – the reasoning of another regional president – to clarify, otherwise the citizens’ trust in the vaccine is lost”.

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From today it will be possible to open the administrations of AstraZeneca to people aged between 60 and 79, said the extraordinary commissioner, stressing that it is necessary give priority to the frail and over-80s and noting that there will be no impact on the vaccination plan, in April “there may be deliveries 15-20% higher than forecasts”. To underline the danger of growing confusion were in particular Zaia and Toti, but also others present, like Bonavitacola, in the absence of De Luca, have invoked clarification.

“AstraZeneca is effective”, the line that emerged from the CTS. Today there will be a new meeting between the government and the Regions. On the table the theme of ‘Recovery’ but the presidents of the Region will also ask for a plan for reopening and to be able to ‘open’ the borders as soon as possible. But many governors fear that there will be no margins on this issue. Hence the possibility of further distance. Another request that will arrive on the executive table is to accelerate with the green light for new aid to the categories damaged by the Easter lockdown.

The Sostegni bis dl will arrive only after the Def, with the Council of Ministers scheduled for April 14th when the provision will be sent to the Chambers for approval the following week. The new budget gap could be around 30 billion. “The aid will serve to give liquidity to companies”, the reassurance came from the government to the majority forces who are asking to accelerate.

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