AstraZeneca vaccine, here are the symptoms to report to the doctor


The AstraZeneca vaccine gets the go-ahead from the EMA and the administrations will resume tomorrow in Italy, as announced by AIFA and Prime Minister Mario Draghi. But what are the suspicious signs, that is, those that can suggest adverse events or side effects, to be known and monitored? The answer comes from the European Medicines Agency itself.

“Wheezing, chest or stomach pain, swelling or cold sensation in an arm or leg, severe or worsening headache or blurred vision after vaccination, persistent bleeding, multiple small bruises, reddish or purplish spots or blisters of blood under the skin: in the presence of these symptoms “, after vaccination against Covid with AstraZeneca serum,” seek medical assistance immediately and report having been vaccinated recently “, explains the EMA.

“The AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine – reports the EU regulatory body in the information addressed to patients, after the evaluation carried out on the product of the Anglo-Swedish company – is not associated with an increase in the overall risk of blood clotting disorders” . However, “there have been very rare cases of unusual blood clots, accompanied by low levels of platelets (components that help blood to clot), after vaccination. Almost all of the reported cases were in women under 55.” The key message remains that “because Covid-19 can be so serious and is so widespread, the benefits of the vaccine in preventing it outweigh the risks of side effects.”


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