AstraZeneca vaccine, in Germany only for over 60s

The AstraZeneca vaccine in Germany only for the over 60s. It is the decision of the German Health Minister and the Health Ministers of each Land. As reported by the Dpa, the measure enters into force tomorrow. Individuals under the age of 60 may only receive the vaccine “at the discretion of physicians and after an individual risk analysis”.

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According to the German Standing Vaccine Commission document, the decision to recommend AstraZeneca only to people over 60 was made “on the basis of currently available data of rare, but very serious, thrombosis-related side effects.” The commission said it would later announce what adults under 60 who have already received one dose of Astrazeneca should do and are expected to take the second dose at the end of April.


Canada has suspended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for people under the age of 55 following the recommendations for safety reasons of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization. “There is substantial uncertainty about the benefits of administering AstraZeneca to adults under the age of 55 given the potential risks,” said Shelley Deeks, vice chair of the committee. Following the commission’s recommendations, the Canadian provinces, which are responsible for health, have announced the suspension of administering the vaccine to people under 55.

Deeks recalled that the patients who developed rare cases of blood clots in Europe were women under the age of 55 and the death rate among those who developed these clots is 40%. Canadian health authorities have specified that they have not received any news of this type of side effects in Canada.


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