AstraZeneca vaccine suspended in Italy: what happens


AstraZeneca vaccine suspended in Italy. The decision came yesterday afternoon, when the AIFA decided to block the administration of the anti Covid serum in our country “as a precautionary measure and temporarily” after the reports of serious adverse effects. Before Italy, it was Germany that temporarily stopped vaccinations pending an opinion from the European Medicines Agency Ema, an opinion expected for next Thursday 18 March, when an extraordinary meeting will be held “to conclude on what has been collected and on any further action that may be required “. Starting yesterday, also France, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia and Cyprus have blocked the use of the serum.

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The vaccination campaign in Italy

The vaccination campaign in Italy thus risks suffering a very heavy slowdown, with the possibility of seeing the target announced only yesterday by the extraordinary commissioner for the coronavirus emergency, General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, slip: “500 thousand administrations a day” of Covid vaccine to arrive to immunize at least “80% of the population by September”. Inevitably, the regions have in fact blocked the administration of the whey pending new indications: Lombardy, Lazio, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Friuli, Liguria, Veneto and Marche are just some of the regions that have issued a note addressed to citizens, who will now see rescheduled appointments already set. Vaccinations with Moderna and Pfizer continue on a regular basis.

Waiting for evaluations

Meanwhile, “in coordination with EMA and the other European countries”, Aifa “will jointly evaluate all the events that have been reported following the vaccination” and will promptly disclose any further information that may become available, including further methods of completion of the vaccination course for those who have already received the first dose “. Sources from Palazzo Chigi then explain that “the decision to suspend the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Italy, adopted together with Minister Speranza and in line with other European countries, is temporary and precautionary, pending the next evaluations by the EMA” .

AstraZeneca, what Ema and Aifa say

While waiting for it to meet, the EMA reassures citizens about the efficacy and safety of the serum: episodes of “blood clots, some with unusual characteristics such as a low number of platelets, have occurred in a very limited number of people. who received the vaccine “AstraZeneca. “Many thousands of people – the European body pointed out in a note – develop blood clots every year in the EU for various reasons. The number of overall thromboembolic events in vaccinated people does not seem to be higher than that observed in the general population”.

The AstraZeneca vaccine has been suspended by AIFA but “it is safe, we still say it. The benefit-risk ratio is largely positive”. Thus the general manager of Aifa, Nicola Magrini, yesterday at half past eight on La7, explained how the decision to temporarily stop the vaccine came about. “Due to the occurrence of very rare cerebral thrombosis events that have aroused media hype in some countries. To have a coherent attitude among all European countries, there has been a political will of Italy, Spain, Germany and France to return to their own Five days ago it was already decided whether to suspend, but it was felt that a suspension would generate too much concern and we had stopped at the provisions of the judiciary on a single lot. We are here to show how the responsibility of all must prevail. there are alarms or alarmisms, there is a desire to investigate in a more coordinated way. The pause will be used to talk about what happened and, in the light of new data, to convince everyone “, said Magrini.

How many doses are still up to Italy?

Five million in the first quarter and 20 million in the second quarter, many are the doses of vaccine that Italy expects from AstraZeneca (2,196,000 vaccines already distributed) according to the commitment reaffirmed by the company ten days ago. Although two days ago the group announced new delays in deliveries to the European Union.


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