Jupiter collided with an unknown object. The moment the body fell on the giant planet was recorded by amateur astronomers from different countries. Moreover, they managed to capture the moment of the collision on camera. Writes about this publication Science Alert.

It all happened on September 13th. On this day, astronomers watched as the shadow of its moon Io slides over the surface of Jupiter. At some point, observers noticed a flash.

The photographs were taken by astronomers Harald Palesque from Germany, Jose Luis Pereira from Brazil and J.P. Arnault from France. They posted the video of the event on YouTube.

It is not yet known what kind of celestial body collided with the gas giant. Experts suggest that it could be an asteroid about a hundred meters in size or a small comet.

Such collisions, capable of causing a shock flash, visible from Earth, occur quite often – from 20 to 60 times a year. The most famous was the collision of the planet with the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9. It happened in July 1994.


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