“Asymptomatic but contagious”. The case that makes Italy tremble

There are 10 guests of the RSA of Pratovecchio Stia, in the province of Arezzo, who tested positive for Coronavirus despite completing the vaccination course: the elderly had been given both doses of Pfizer vaccine, the last of which was 35 days ago. Three people were transferred to a Covid RSA, while the others were isolated inside the structure and should soon be transported elsewhere. This was communicated by the ASL Toscana Sud Est. In the meantime, the swabs have been sent to the laboratory for sequencing: therefore, checks are now underway to ascertain whether one of the two variants has been registered up to now in Aretino, that is, the English and Brazilian ones. However, it is specified that all 10 patients are asymptomatic.

“Infected but not sick”

Dr. Danilo Tacconi, according to which the affair confirms that “in certain cases, those who have completed the vaccination course can catch the infection but are protected from the disease“. The possibility of infection becomes stronger in the case of a variant, also because the guard must absolutely not be lowered after vaccination. Therefore, even those who have been vaccinated must continue to respect anti-contagion rules such as social distancing, the obligation to wear a mask and frequent hand sanitization In the case of the vaccine Pfizer, is keen to underline the director of infectious diseases at the Arezzo San Donato hospital, “the protection takes effect 15 days from the second dose and is from the disease, especially from the more serious effects of it“. Another element that must induce everyone to continue to apply the prevention rules is the fact that”the vaccinee who contracts the infection can obviously pass it on to others“.

The detection of positive cases within our RSA has naturally aroused some apprehension in the population“, is the mayor’s comment Nicolò Caleri. However, the mayor of Pratovecchio Stia made an important clarification on the effects of the vaccine and on the distinction between infection and disease: “Vaccines represent our main weapon in the fight against the pandemic and the only real tool, together with the implementation of the correct prevention behaviors, to obtain the return to normal as soon as possible.“. The thoughts of the Administration of Arezza go to the guests of the RSA,”to whom we obviously make our best wishes so that they can remain asymptomatic and return negative in the shortest possible time“.


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