At a cost of 9 euros, Germany could turn around; A golden opportunity for tourists too

BERLIN ചെയ്യാം Travel around Germany from June 1 to August 31 using a 9 euro ticket validated by Germany this summer. The German government is offering low-cost public transportation in June, July and August as part of an energy relief effort to address the cost of living crisis.

During these three months, people will be able to use public transportation across the country for a monthly ticket price of 9 euros.



Tickets are valid on buses, trains, Uban services, trams and local trains. People can use it on all local travel networks in Hamburg, Bavaria, Berlin, North Rhine Westphalia or all over Germany.

This is not valid for long distance transport. Not valid on ICE and EC trains as well as on Flixban and Flix Bus. So a special ticket is required for these services.



Tourists visiting Germany need to know about the 9 Euro ticket.

Is it available to tourists?

Of course. Anyone in Germany can buy it. This includes tourists or anyone else visiting the country who lives in Germany.

How to get?

The interim ticket was approved by the German parliament and states yesterday.

How does it work?

Tickets are operated by local transportation organizations across the country. People can buy it at ticket machines, customer service centers and through the transportation provider’s app.

Tickets are 9 euros in a calendar month or 27 euros in total if you buy three different tickets. This will be valid from the 1st of the month. So even if you buy a ticket on June 14th, it will cost 9 euros, which will only last until the end of that month.

You cannot purchase a three-month version of the ticket. You will need to purchase a separate ticket each month. The ticket will have the first and last name of the buyer. So this ticket cannot be given to anyone else.

Generally, local transportation providers allow children under the age of six to travel for free with an adult with a ticket. But check the terms and conditions of the area where you live.

May I have a bike / bicycle with me?

I do not know. You will need to purchase a special ticket to bring the bike on board. You can bring your luggage on board without an extra ticket.

Is it worth it for tourists to buy a 9 euro ticket?

If you want to take public transport in Germany it will definitely be very useful. For example, a day ticket in Munich is usually 8.20 euros (depending on the zone and more). In Berlin, a day ticket costs 8.80 euros.

Season ticket holders and job ticket holders will benefit from the scheme. The Transport Committee said that those who currently have a monthly pass will not be bothered by the new offer. Season ticket holders will receive a credit or refund for the difference in price between their subscription and the 9 Euro ticket. Transport companies can decide exactly how to pay this. People studying in Germany with semester tickets will also benefit. Maybe in the form of a three-month refund.

Are there any flaws?

Expect services to be busy during these three months as more people turn to local transportation. Rail operators urged people to pay attention to the construction work on the lines. Since most people usually travel in the summer, they use the warmer months to upgrade services and lines.

Is there still Kovid proceedings in Germany?

Yes on public transport and long distance transportation, people in Germany still have to wear masks. If you get a positive covid test, you should be on quarantine for at least five days (or a maximum of 10 days).


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